Munz Disput - Brief an Bürgermeister

Nach scheinbar positiven Schritten nach vorne in den Häfen von Auckland zu Beginn dieser Woche, hat sich die Situation noch einmal mit dem Management verschärft. Über 300 Arbeiter sollen entlassen werden. Die ITF fordert den Bürgermeister von Auckland, Len Brown auf, sich des Konfliktes anzunehmen und endlich dafür zu sorgen, dass die Rechte von Arbeitnehmer gewahrt werden. Nun bittet die Gewerkschaft...

einen Brief an den Bürgermeister zu senden.

Hier die Vorlage:





Dear Mr. Mayor,


We are pleased to learn that Ports of Auckland Limited has agreed to return to the negotiating table with the Maritime Union of New Zealand and to halt the process of contracting out stevedoring services which would see 300 wharfies lose their jobs. The workers of Auckland are fighting to secure a fair deal for themselves and their families and this latest development appears to bring that goal a step closer.


We see this as a golden opportunity for a swift and positive resolution to the dispute, which has attracted worldwide concern from the trade union community. To that end we urge you to use your position and influence to encourage negotiation of a fair collective agreement which does not infringe upon the family lives of workers and takes into account the strength of public feeling in Auckland and beyond, around this issue.


Your reputation as an advocate of labour rights gives us full confidence that you are sympathetic to the plight of the Auckland wharfies and will take definitive action to bring this dispute to a close.


Yours Sincerely,






Unsere Gewerkschaftskollegen erhoffen sich viel durch die internationale Unterstützung.

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