Consultation Online
Only 5 points to take you a step forward

You would like to conclude an ITF agreement for a ship? With pleasure.

Here you can find the “16-points-questionnaire” showing you which specifications we need in order to conclude a ship agreement with you. After having filled out and sent us this form, you will automatically receive a copy at the e-mail address you indicated in the form.

When applying for a new agreement for a ship, we also need:

- the current crew list
- the valid Safe Manning Certificate
- the valid ISM Certificate with name and address of the company according Paragraph 1.1.2 of the ISM code and
- the certificate of registration.

You can upload these documents on the form. “Consultation Online” can only be sent off if all data has been entered in full and all four documents have been completely uploaded. This bears the advantage of your new application being complete so that you can receive your agreement more rapidly due to an efficient process of application.

Mandatory fields are marked with a *.

After checking all documents we make a fast decision about issuing the agreement.


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